Game Engine: Wintermute
Platform: PC 
Genre:  Point and Click Adventure Game
Development Time: 3 Months (March 2013 - May 2013)


Tiny Little Intruder is comic themed 2D point and click adventure game, in which the player embodies a tiny alien character. The tiny alien is on a mission to erase valued data from earth, which was transmitted from it's planet. The story proceeds on how the player helps the alien to crafts items, interacts with objects, solve puzzles and uses time ability to track and delete the data.               


 Primary Role: Game Designer

  • Created gameplay elements to adapt the tiny character's behavior in the game
  • Structured the story according to the resource we had to produce the game
  • Designed the UI system for the game to adapt the comic theme
  • Designed level hierarchy, player objectives and puzzles to adapt the game in the Wintermute engine

Secondary Role: Artist

  • Took pictures and stylized them to fit the game's theme
  • Created assets for UI and Main Menu with a comic book layout. 


Adventure game was a surprise project which we got a month after our second semester of Year 2. We had only 3 months to develop the game and unfortunately had no artist in the team. So we adapted the whole concept of capturing photos to make the game. We took pictures around our college campus to make this project.


Production Pictures: