Game Engine: Flash CS5 (Action Script 3.0)
Platform: Browser/Facebook
Genre:  Social Game
Development Time: 12 Days (March 2012)


Tiger Tracks is a survival simulation and resource management social game prototype, where the player embodies a tiger to survive in the world with poachers, traps, and preventing city expansion and deforestation. But to aid player's venture, he/she can ask their friends to join in the forest to buy protection and play a co-op game.

Tiger have stats which needs to be maintained in the course of the game. The challenge lies in how many days the player could survive in the hazardous forest.

The whole goal of the game is to make understand people regarding the difficulties of a tiger which is on the verge of extension. 


Primary Role: Game Designer

  • Designed and guided few mini games in the game  
  • Balanced the stats for the tiger through iteration and playtesting  
  • Helped in monetization plan for in game currency system
  • Designed HUD for the tiger stats and store UI 
  • Helped in level integration 

Secondary Role: Lead Artist

  • Created Tiger spites and animated for four different directions 
  • Helped in art acquisition for the level 
  • Created the Main Menu assets and Store assets 
  • Was in charge of creating Trailer, Poster, Flyer and Logo for the game. 


The game was made for a French NGO client "Planete Tigre" based in Talant, France. Goal of the game is to create awareness towards extinction of tigers and join in hands to protecting them.

We, a team of 10 members created a playable prototype of a social game with all the mechanics working  in 12 days for the client to give them the idea of how the game will create awareness. 

Production Pictures: