Won Third place in a national game jam (BYOG) out of more than 50 games in India.
Also showcased the game at the NGDC 2013 event which is a national game industry conference. 

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Game Engine: Unity 3D
Platform: PC/Browser
Genre:  Casual/Arcade
Development Time: 72 Hours


Remorse is a 2D platformer where the player embodies a regretful character under depression which paths his journey towards closure. Character has three abilities which needs to be unlocked with a key to obtain. Each ability is set in a different path where the player can choose, if the rightful keys are collected. Abilities are set in different colour for definition. Not to forget the dark death floor which trails to devour and keep you on the edge. 


 Role: Game Designer

  • Collaborated in creating the concept for the game

  • Defined coherent abilities for the character which is almost unbiased

  • Created tutorial level for the player to understand the mechanics and gameplay without back story or much text

  • Tweaked the character movement for all four states


After being selected in the previous year BYOG, we made sure we win next year's show. And it happened. We are a team of 5 members had to build a game on the given theme in 72 hours. There were more than 50 games which we competed with. BYOG organizer selected 7 finalist and we were asked to showcase in the NGDC held at pune. We were reviewed by industry professional jury members like Magnus "Gordon" Gardebäck of DEVICE6 fame from Simogo.

Expo and Production Pictures