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  • Nominated for 2014 BAFTA awards for the "Ones to Watch" Category.

  • IndieCade official selection to show case at E3 2014

  • Winner of Dare to be Digital international competition.

  • People's Choice Award at Nasscom GDC 2013


Game Engine: Unity 3D
Genre: MOBA influenced Stealth Multi-Player
Platform: Xbox 360 and PC 
Development Time: 3 Months (Jun 2013 - August 2013)


Project Heera is a Multiplayer Heist Game made for Xbox360 and PC, where players battle out in rounds to steal or defend diamonds. The game takes place in top down perspective where one can use crazy gadgets and cunning tactics to create confusion and chaos. With equal chances to play as both cops and thieves, the team to steal the most number of diamonds, wins.


MMO Attack
Gameplanet Australia


Primary Role: Game Designer

  • Helped in designing mechanics for skills of Thief and Cop class in the game

  • Iterated systems for the both Cop and Thief class

  • Helped in balancing the game after numerous play-testing session

  • Designed the UI/UX for the game

Secondary Role: 2D Artist

  • Created assets for UI, made it well recognized during the fast gameplay.

  • Created assets for Main Menu using Photoshop and Illustrator for players to understand the game without a in-game tutorial

  • Game Menu is interactive which displays videos of skills when the player presses the buttons in the controller

  • Created marketing materials like Trailer, Poster, Flyer and Logo Prints.


Team Mazhlele a team of 5 members developed a Stealth based Multiplayer Game "Project Heera" for Xbox360 and PC in an international competition "Dare to be Digital 2013" held by University of Abertay.

We spent three months developing the game at Scotland among the other 14 selected teams to showcase at a Four day game event "Dare ProtoPlay" at the end which had more than 13,000 people visiting. Conducted a tournament for four days which turned out to be a big success. And at the end of the four days event, we were awarded as the competition winners and been nominated for the BAFTA 2014 "One's to Watch" Category.  

We were mentored by industry professionals through out the development phase which gave us a definite vision and feedback to produce the game for the event and the competition.  

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