Game: Paddington Run
Genre: Endless Runner
Platform: iOS, Android and Windows
Position: Junior Game Designer              
Game Engine: Gameloft Propriety Engine  
Work Duration on the Project: July 2016 - Sep 2016
Released: November 2017



Paddington Run is an Endless Runner game. The game was developed in Gameloft, New Orleans for the movie Paddington 2 as a collaborated partnership with Canal+.   



Role: Game Designer

  • Created analysis on the movie franchise to pick up key elements and scenes to re-create similar game moments.

  • Collaborated in conceiving mechanics for power-ups and mini games which represents the franchise.

  • Created GDD for power-ups.


This was my first experience crafting a game for a licensed IP. Gained a lot of insights on how creation team collaborated with the movie team to bring in the mood and transition the feel of the movie, into the game. We started this project soon after Dungeon Hunter Raids got cancelled. My first task was to analysis the movie franchise and try to bring in the essences of the movie into the gameplay. Each power-ups and mini-games were designed according to key moments from the paddington movie.