Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: PC - Oculus Rift
Genre:  Action Adventure
Mode: Single Player
Development Time: Oct 2014 - May 2015


         Levitate is a 3D action adventure game made for Oculus Rift enthusiasts, where you embody a majestic bird with abilities to resurrect the gravity shifting planet. You traverse through different mystical environments and explore beautiful surreal biodiversity which would keep the players astonished through virtual reality. The game revolves around lock and key mechanics through different variations of levels. 


Jury distinction competing with other 2 projects in our university.
Jury members were from Arkane Studios, Ubisoft, Zynga and Moonfrog.


Primary Role: Game Designer

  • Collaborated in creating the concept of the game.

  • Designed mechanics, features and player controls for the player character to fit the Oculus Rift functionality.

  • Created and complied game design and level design documents for the production of the game.

  • Collaborated in balancing the flying system for the bird to give the player a mix of arcade and realistic flying experience.

  • Worked closely with the artist and programmers to ensure the vision of the game with both visual fidelity and implementation of mechanic.

Secondary Role: Level Designer

  • Researched to set an efficient pipeline for level design in the engine and used Perforce to work from multiple computers on the same level.

  • Implemented game objects and 3D assets for the levels in Unreal Engine 4.

  • Iterated the levels after many play tests.

  • Added scripted cinematic events using blueprint system in UE4.


This project was our final year project at college which was evaluated at the end of the academic year by professional jury members from the game industry. The core focus of our project is to simulate the thrill of flight and experience the journey through surreal universe you always imagined about. It was a challenging experience to design a game for a new platform which had no guide lines. We took this project as a high risk, high reward as we never had first-hand experience on creating a VR game or using Unreal Engine 4 before. The response for the game was great as we achieved to give the player the thrill of playing as a bird.  

Production Pictures