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Game: Iron Blade
Genre: 3D Hack’n’Slash RPG
Platform: iOS, Android and Windows
Position: Game Designer            
Game Engine: Gameloft Propriety Engine
Work Duration on the Game: Jan 2018 - July 2018  
Released: May 2017



Iron Blade is a hack n’ slash RPG created by Gameloft,Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The player takes the mantel of a Templar to destroy demonic abominations in medieval europe using intuitive touch based ‘free-flow combat system’.   



Role: Game Designer

  • Documented and created game evolution features.

  • Oversaw the multiplayer part of the game and pitched various features to improve player vs player interaction.

  • Designed alliance Vs alliance feature and game systems.

  • Collaborated with programming and art team to implement features.

  • Constantly documented various ideas and gameplay enhancement to create better player experience.


After leaving Gameloft,New Orleans I wanted to join the Gameloft team in Cluj-Napoca,Romania as they were making Iron Blade and I am very fascinated about action RPG and melee combat. It took me a year to join the studio due to the lengthy visa process for Romania, by that time, the game had already released. But I was glad to join the team for the game evolution. I was put in-charge of multiplayer section of the game; to improve player interactions in alliances and create features which have good sync with our enemy gachas.