Game Engine: Unity 3D
Game Style: German Style
No. Players: 4 Players
Playing Time: 45min 
Development Time: 7 Months (Nov 2012 - May 2013)


Infernum is a German Style Strategy eBoardgame based on Greek Mythology. It is the revised, improvised and digitalized version of the board game “Battle for the Underworld” which was made during our First Year of college.

The game features Greek Gods and Greek Mythological creatures using which the players go head to head against each other in teams on a board consisting of hexagons. The game supports maximum of 4 players on the board. These 4 players can either play on the same computer or on different computers through the internet.


Primary Role: Game Designer

  • Improvised the previous concept to adapt with digital version of the game along the team  
  • Defined basic rules and behavior for units   
  • Defined movements for units on the hexagonal based board     
  • Helped in creating system design for units and their stats  
  • Designed new skills and power ups for different units. 
  • Helped creating Design Documents for the game. 

Secondary Role: Artist

  • Designed UI for the game to give the player a easy and understandable information for a strategy game.
  • Created assets for HUD and Main Menu  
  • Created marketing materials like Trailer, Poster, Flyer and Logo Prints.  


Infernum was our End of Year Project for Second year of college. We were asked to make a portage of our Board Game which we produced during our First Year of College. It was a ambitious project as we choose to make it on Unity 3D and it was the first time using the engine.  
Adapting the Board Game to a digital version of the game was a new experience. We had to think about methods to adapt the gameplay of a physical game into virtual digital version. Modified some of the mechanics to the fit the digital version of the game. 


Production Pictures:

Jury Presentation: