Got selected in top 5 finalists out of more than 40 games in India.

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Game Engine: Construct 2
Platform: Browser 
Genre: Endless Side Scroller 
Development Time: 72 Hours


Errand of Osiris is an Egyptian themed endless runner game made for browser. Player has to dodge and destroy the ray of attacks by the three gods using the ability of shifting forms. Player can transform into Fire, Water and Earth forms to compliment the attacks of the three elemental gods. 

Using advantageous forms against opposite elemental attacks will gain multiplier and boosts score.  Game takes the simple principle of Water destroys Fire, Fire destroys Wood, and vice-versa.        


Primary Role: Game Designer

  • Setting patterns for each row of attacks

  • Creating various power ups for both positive and negative.

  • Adapting the concept to the theme

  • Player Controls

Secondary Role: Lead Artist

  • 2D Sprites

  • Animations

  • Side Scrolling Background

  • Main Menu Assets


We were a team of 5 members and had to produce a proof of concept of a game in 3 days for the Game Jam. Game was made for 2012 National Game Jam, BYOG. Theme was given on spot. We had to make a game with any three themes of the given seven. We choose God, Elements, and Death.