Internship Overview:

Game: Bubble Safari, Bubble Safari Ocean, Bubble Safari Mobile
Position: Game Design Intern
Game Engine: Flash AS 3.0
Platform: Facebook/Mobile
Genre:  Arcade Social Game
Internship Duration: 4 Months (4 Jun 2014 - 3 Oct 2014)
DAU: 311,714 Facebook Players (On Q3 2014)      


I was assigned to work on the Bubble Safari franchise during my internship at Zynga. I was given the responsibility to produce the major weekly content for the end of content players in all the three games under the Bubble Safari franchise. The weekly content to be created was new levels and events for the players who are at the end of the game. Apart from the weekly content, I also designed a feature for the game and an art refresh document to revamp the game’s art. All the levels and events I created were balanced according to data and analytics to improve player retention and revenue.

At the end of my four months of internship, I produced the list of content for the game, below.

  • 240+ Levels (Including all three games under the franchise)

  • 2 Events (For Bubble Safari on Facebook)

  • 1 Feature (NDA)

  • Art Refresh Document



Role: Game Design Intern


  • Designed levels for three games under the bubble safari franchise each week.

  • Reviewed the created levels and balanced them to fit the challenge curve for the end of content players.

  • Iterated difficulty curve and pacing for levels shipped weekly.

  • Re-tuned few shipped levels according to metrics data.


  • Designed two events(Pie Party and Prize Hunt) which served as meta game to the existing core game.

  • Created design documents and iterated the design according to the art and programming departments.

  • Reviewed event builds on progress before shipping it in the production game.


  • Collaborated in designing a major feature for the game.

  • Created a detailed design documentation for the feature.


  • Created art refresh document for the game to guide the team for a revamp of art style.

  • Created deconstruction documents of the competitor games to analysis and improve the game I was working on.


I had to do an internship with minimum duration of 2 months after my 4th year, to obtain credits to be promoted for the 5th year.  I used this opportunity to learn more about social games and how data driven design works. With this goal, I applied to Zynga as it’s an established whale in the social game industry, where I can learn to work with professionals and practice my design skills.  This internship was my first professional job experience in the game industry.   

Production Pictures