Game: Dungeon Hunter Raids (Cancelled)
Genre: 3D RPG
Platform: iOS and Android
Position: Junior Game Designer (Apr 2016 – Sep 2016)
                Game Design Intern (Oct 2015 – Mar 2016)             
Game Engine: Gameloft Propriety Engine  
Development Time: Oct 2015 – July 2016



The studio (Gameloft, New Orleans) was working on a 3D brawler RPG for mobile devices (iOS and Android). I have been working with the team from pre-production of the game on creating features, documentation, gameplay implementation and balancing. I was assigned to look into the enemy AI behaviors and combat features for the game.   



Primary Role: Game Designer

  • Designed AI behaviors and archetypes for boss and enemies in and kept the AI continuity across the game franchise.

  • Scripted AI behaviors and implemented skills, animation, vfx and balanced stats for boss fights and enemies using in-house behavior tree and data editor.

  • Coordinated with design, programming and art leads to create new systems, animations, vfx for the enemies.

  • Worked closely with the lead game designer and creative director to create meta game systems in the first playable prototype.

  • Worked on tuning and balancing of enemy stats.

  • Created design documents and deconstruction of competitor games.

  • Collaborated with programming and art teams to create cinematic sequences.

 Secondary Role: Level Designer

  • Implemented levels using proprietary 3D level editor and scripting tools for the first prototype.

  • Collaborated in implementing enemy encounters in the levels.


Working on this project was a fantastic opportunity to learn about designing complex metagame systems in a mobile game and designing enemy AI behaviors in synergy with heroes skills. I enjoyed working in the studio due to the creative freedom my design leads provided and seamless collaboration with other departments(Art and Programming) to bring my vision to the enemies in each level. I was also able to touch other aspects like level designing and pitching concepts for the game in my time at the studio. In was unfortunate that the project got canceled, but the experience in Gameloft, New Orleans was pivotal in understanding and practicing project creation with a larger multi-national team.