So I got nominated for the BAFTA Games

The whole experience was pretty unreal. I had always watched every game award shows back in my days. I have never missed to watch a single BAFTA Games. So it was unexpected to actually sit and watch the 2014 BAFTA live, as one of the nominees. It all started when we won the “Dare to be Digital” which was held at Abertay University, Scotland and eventually got nominated for the BAFTA ‘Ones to Watch’ award for the game Project Heera.

It was one of those nervous moments in life when you know you are going to meet your legends and words fail and stutter. Apparently, it was announced that Hideo Kojima will be there to present the BAFTA fellowship award to Rockstar Games that year. Rockstar games were always my inspiration to make games for the quality of product they deliver. 

The red carpet was a celebrity experience. It felt very intimidating to sit along the whales in the industry as a fellow nominee.


After the event, I marvel about what happened till date. I was able to catch up with many developers whose games I been playing since my childhood during the dinner party. It was that fanboy moment. I finally met Hiedo Kojima. That man was legit and down to earth. It was more rewarding when he actually cared to ask about the game we made. Also had a chat with a lot of indie developers like Rami Ismail (Vlambeer), Magnus Gardeback (Simogo), Tom Francis (Developer of Gunpoint), and the Badlands team.

This whole journey thought me a lot indeed. Apparently we didn’t win, but was life long experience.  Can’t wait to make another kick-ass game and win it, but next time being in the industry. 

And the link for more pictures from that day - BAFTA Pictures