Game Style: American Style
No. Players: 2 - 4 Players
Set Up Time:  5min - 8min
Playing Time: 30min 
Development Time: 6 Months (Dec 2011 - May 2012)


Battle of Theoi is a two to four player board game. Game is based on a fictional Greek mythology. The game is a turn based, player versus player game. Prime goal of each player is to conquer the island before the others.

Player must be lucrative and progressive in collection of resources, place attacks on other players, defend them-self from the others slowing the player down and construct buildings to have constant resource production.     


Primary Role: Game Designer

  • Pitched the concept and got selected in top 10 concepts out of 30 to produce the game.

  • Designed the rules merging strategic elements from german style board games and blending with luck factor from american board game style.

  • Designed power-up, skills and defense power-ups cards.

  • Created analytical statistics to Balance the resources and probability of attacks.

  • Tweaked the stats values after numerous playtesting.

  • Created the Rule Book and Design Documents for the game.

Secondary Role: Artist

  • Designed the Board, and helped in creating the cards.

  • Created the Rule Book along with the Box Cover and Quick Information Guide.

  • Designed other misc marketing materials like Trailer, Poster and Logo Prints.


The objective was to create a Greek themed board game from scratch in 6 months. Our trainers gave us specific constrains like Greek theme, minimum of 4 players, and minimum of 20 minutes of game play.

The core focus was to blend luck factor of rolling the dice and creating strategic gameplay using classic rock,paper, scissor power ups . Producing the board game from scratch was fun as it was one of the first long project experience I had in making a game.  


Production Pictures:

Jury Presentation: